A New Journey...

Unlike other operating systems, Linux has a strong fanbase. Linux users don't use the operating system just as another software, but they treat it as their pride and love using Linux every day. I am a Linux fanboy who loves Linux for its freedom (of course! freedom as in speech) and customizability. I dreamed about customizing the operating system to fit all my needs when I was a Windows user. It doesn't mean Windows couldn't meet my expectations, but I love customizing stuff.

From the moment I switched to Linux full-time, everything was flawless. Come on! I am kidding. I missed almost every application I used in Windows. I started to blame Linux for not having this and that. However, after realizing the potential of Linux with the help of the supportive community, I never looked back.

As a Linux user, I learn everything from the open-source community. There are already plenty of sources: including but not limited to blogs, forums, and Stack Overflow. However, I find them difficult to share my own stories. I used to write occasionally on Medium, but it is harder to share code snippets and customize the post in Medium. This blog is an attempt to share my accumulated knowledge on Linux back to the community hoping someone may find them useful.

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