Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Some desktop environments like Gnome and Pantheon provide a dedicated system setting to switch between dark and light modes. In Cinnamon, you have to change the themes for Window borders, Icons, Controls, and the Desktop to achieve the same thing. Something can be done necessarily doesn't mean that is enough. I developed a new applet to switch between light and dark mode with a single click. The idea behind this applet is simple: change the system theme according to the mode.

Installation and Configuration

As with any other applet, open the Applets dialog and switch to the Download section. Search the "Dark Mode" applet and install it.

Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Once installed, add the applet to your panel and configure the light mode and dark mode themes. If you do not want to change a particular theme with the light and dark modes, you can either leave that option empty or select the same theme for both the light and dark modes. For example, I use the same Icon theme and Desktop theme regardless of the system mode. In addition you can also choose a folder with mode specific wallpapers as the desktop background location. The applet will randomly choose a picture from the folder and set it as the desktop background while changing the mode. Currently the applet only supports: .jpg, .jpeg and .png files.

Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

After defining the themes, you can enable/disable the dark mode using the configuration dialog or from the applet menu.

Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

You can also enable the automatic mode switch and set the time for light mode and dark mode. The applet will switch the system theme automatically based on the defined time. Even with the automatic mode switch enabled, you can switch to your preferred mode at any time using the applet menu.

Dark Mode in Cinnamon Desktop Environment

If you like this applet and/or if you have any suggestions, please comment below. I will include them in the upcoming versions.


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