Make Gnome Look Like Mac (with the notch)

 You might have seen hundreds of YouTube videos on how to make Gnome looks like a Mac. Apart from some similarities (inspirations!) Gnome does have its own workflow in contrast to apple, but there are ways to mimic the exact Mac appearance with Gnome by installing some extensions and customizing the theme. Wait, did I say "exact Mac appearance"?  Not after the release of the latest MacBook Pro 14" and 16". Now Apple has a notch on the screen. It is not enough to change the Linux logo to an Apple logo for true diehard Apple fans like me. We want the new innovative notch on the screen. Go home Linux you don't have it.

However, Linux gives the freedom to achieve anything. That's what made Alynx Zhou develop a super useful extension for Gnome that introduces a notch to your screen. What does it do? Nothing just adds a virtual notch on your screen that mimics Apple's notch in all the way. It hides your cursor if you move the cursor below it. It shows a fake camera to be more secure than an actual camera. (Thanks to the developer for being mindful otherwise we might end up with an extension with an actual camera). There are a lot of FAQ answered in the official GitHub repository that you may wanna checkout for a good laugh.


Use the button below to install extension from Gnome Extensions site:


Now with a perfect theme and wallpaper, you can experience a true Mac feeling. Apart from all the fun, I do admire M1 chips. I am actually planning to get a MacBook Air in the near future, but the notch? I'm not a big fan of it. If everything Apple introduces is innovative and fault-proof, the touch bar should have been there forever and the MagSafe, SD card slot, and the HDMI port shouldn't have returned. While I understand the reason behind notch, it interrupts the Human-Computer-Interraction (HCI), especially if the menu is too long. Regardless, Linux has once again proved to be fun to use.

To get a Mac like Gnome, check this video out form Linux Scoop.


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